Alta Audio Celesta FRM-2M Speakers Review

Alta Audio Celesta FRM-2 Speakers
Alta-Audio’s FRM-2 speaks with a remarkably defined voice.
Review By Ron Nagle

We begin at the beginning, with a quest for solace in a helter skelter world.
A puff on a pipe perhaps or music lending wings to carry us away.
I would chose a melody to sooth me. Then all care I would displace for another day.
An Audiophiles desire is to listen and live in a moment of time from a time before today.
Music a Drug?
Yes it can be but you must mix just the right ingredients. It is an alchemy made from metal wood and plastic and at times a super-secret proprietary element.
The mind behind Nola speakers, Carl Marchisotto once told me: “What you hear is the designer’s idea of what music sounds like”.

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