IO Review – Positive Feedback, 3/7/18

Alta Audio Io Loudspeakers – The Priestess of Bass

By Gautam Raja 

Alta Audio started for what I think was a great reason. Someone asked. This is the story of a long-time audio-industry person and speaker designer deciding to leave the field, and then a reviewer friend saying, “Hey I want to be able to own current versions of your wonderful speakers—don’t stop making them!”

I like this story because I want to be reminded that brands emerge, from not just industry-disrupting sparks; not just from pure commerce; but from knowledge and community. There was already a group of people asking to be parted with their money for a product they loved, and because of designer Michael Levy’s long experience in the audio field, he was able to put together a dream team of listeners comprising musicians, producers, and reviewers, have them listen to live music, and then listen to his prototypes of a loudspeaker that would eventually be called the Celesta.

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