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Overview in Brief

Since our inception over three decades ago, Alta Audio’s raison d’etre has been and remains the exceptional reproduction of live and in-studio recordings that replicate the performing artist’s vision. The achievement of this uncompromising goal is what distinguishes Alta Speakers apart from all others. In the words of some of the world’s most discerning audio critics and aficionados, here are a few of the many accolades that the high performance audio community continues to give our speakers:

Alyssa Speaker Reviews

“What would be the characteristics of an ergonomically perfect loudspeaker? It would have to be small, so it could fit into tighter spaces, but produce “big” enough sonics to satisfy hard-rockers and symphonic specialists… it would also have to be beautiful, so that no one could object to its presence even in a stylish environment… lastly and perhaps most importantly, it would have to have a voice that can sound like real music, not merely hi-fi. What if I told you that the Alta Alyssa comes closer to achieving this ideal than any small loudspeaker I’ve reviewed? Would that interest you? If so, join me on a little audio adventure.” Read the full article

Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound

* * * * *

“At $5,000 a pair, they are clearly high-end. But it is possible to spend more money and get no more performance. It’s hard to imagine anything at this price equaling the Alyssa’s high resolution or addictive character.” View the full video review

Chris Eberle, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

* * * * *

“Special in every way. The new Alta Audio Alyssa audiophile speakers.” View the full video review

Jay Lee, NBT Studio

Titanium Hestia Speaker Review

“I heard one of the best systems of my life last night… fabulous stand mount loudspeakers… View the full video review

Steve Guttenberg, Audiophilia

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Alta Audio loudspeakers are painstakingly refined to reproduce the realism, balance and dimensionality of both live and studio recordings, with a design aesthetic that enhances any room’s décor.

Learn more about our founder, company and unique process. 

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