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A NEW REFERENCE SPEAKER ! Alta Audio Alyssa Speaker Review

"The Alta Audio Speakers are superbly build speakers and exceptionally designed..."

February 23, 2024

Alta Audio Adam loudspeaker

"I could cut down on the high-flown lingo, because these medium-sized towers sound, in a word, right. The treble, for instance, is not dry or bright: It's right."

February 24, 2023


"This is an epic rendition for my taste. I grinned through the entire 10 minutes of the track. The Adam disappeared leaving your ears with the music, clear and majestic."

November 02, 2022

Alta Audio Adam Loudspeaker

"Handsome and stately looking, it exhibits a powerful but intimate presence, with warmth, clarity, timbral accuracy, detailed smooth high-ends, tremendous bass, and a true-to-life-size soundstage that can be enjoyed even if not sitting in a sweet spot"

October 21, 2022

Alta Audio Alyssa: A Keeper

"What if I told you that Alta Audio’s Alyssa comes closer to achieving this ideal than any small loudspeaker I’ve reviewed?"

October 01, 2021

Alta Audio Alec Speaker Review - Changing the Game

"The Alta Audio Alec speakers change what you think is possible at its given price point and size. Somehow they've addressed everything in a single speaker: Audio richness, incredibly accurate and powerful bass, stunning looks, and more. "

January 05, 2021


"they are more worthy of their asking price than any other speaker I’ve heard in their price range"

September 28, 2020

Alta Alec floorstanding speaker review! Best True High End Speaker for me.

"I have heard a lot of high end audio speakers including not limited to wilson audio, magico, focal, martin logan, etc and I hands down think that these Alta alec speakers to be the most musical to my ears under $20~30k and are a true bargain for $9000 USD/pair "

September 20, 2020

Alta Audio Introduces the Alyssa Speaker

"Alta Audio’s fourth-generation pure aluminum high-resolution neodymium motor tweeter is responsible for clarity and precise dynamics with a flat high-end response that extends over an octave above the scope of human hearing."

August 06, 2020

Alyssa Review – Enjoy The Music

"The Alta Audio Alyssa paints two of my absolute must-have qualities. The overall tonality contains a wisp of warmth that makes the human voice seem more human."

July 01, 2020

Alta Audio Release Alyssa Compact Cabinet Loudspeakers

"Alta Audio’s elegant third-generation aluminium ribbon tweeter is responsible for top end clarity and dynamics with a flat high-end response"

July 01, 2020

Alta Audio Alyssa Loudspeaker

"no stranger to delivering a sweet and glossy top-end, with some of the fattest and most delicious bass in the category"

June 30, 2020

Alta Audio Reveals The New Alyssa Standmount Speaker

"Having to balance smaller internal volumes within the cabinet with reasonable bass output and dynamics is a proverbial gauntlet throw heartily on the floor."

June 30, 2020

AUDIOPHILIA REFERENCE. Alta Audio FRM-2 Celesta Loudspeakers. Overview (one take, unscripted)

"Overview of these fabulous stand mount loudspeakers, designed and built on Long Island, NY. They’re so good, they are now reference loudspeakers in three Audiophilia reviewers’ households. Down to 29 hZ, 4 ohms and 87.5 dB, with some quality power, they reproduce vocals and instruments like few others. $15,000. "

November 25, 2019

Alta Audio Alec loudspeakers

"he sound was organic and musical"

November 01, 2019


"Two-Way, Compact Design Belies Massive Sonic Output, Ultra-wide Soundstage"

October 29, 2019

Alta Audio World Premier, Alec Loudspeakers, Krell, VPI, ZenSati, RMAF 2019

"Imagine sound like you’ve never heard it before with a full range of clarity beyond any other speaker system. With every speaker Alta Audio takes advantage of its innovative new technology to accomplish what no one else can do."

September 27, 2019

Audiophilia Products of the Year 2019

"The long depth of the soundstage in particular was impressive and allowed for some venues to reveal themselves strongly"

September 26, 2019

Alta Audio | Krell Industries & Zen-Sati Sound Demo

"Alta Audio | Krell Industries & ZenSati Sound Demo Dreamedia at RMAF 2019 and we talked to Walter @ Krell industries about their booth. They used Alta Audio speakers ans Zen-Sati cables. Sounded great!"

September 09, 2019

Alta Audio Updates The StandMount Celesta FRM-2

"Producing big sound out of small spaces offers perhaps one of the most creative challenges for designers in the high-end market"

August 05, 2019

Alta Audio Announces Significant New Upgrade to Highly Acclaimed Celesta Monitor

"Designed to provide audiophile-grade, room-filling sound in smaller spaces where full-size speakers may be overwhelming"

August 03, 2019

Alta Audio FRM-2 Speakers

"the FRM-2s have the finest finish I’ve seen applied to a set of loudspeakers. And I know that takes a lot of hand work to get right."

July 15, 2019

My new reference loudspeaker—Alta Audio Celesta FRM-2

"this American-made gem is musically ready for anything an audiophile can throw at it. Very highly recommended. "

August 01, 2018

The Alta Audio Hestia Titanium Loudspeaker - The Goddess With a Lovely Voice

"The imaging and sound staging of the Hestia Titanium is as good as I have heard in my room. It's vivid and well resolved, yet the smooth mid band and treble provide great contrast to the dead silent background, allowing images to really pop into focus. "

June 18, 2018

Alta Audio Hestia Titanium loudspeaker

"a fine example of a loudspeaker for which one designer used some interesting technology and a bit of innovation in the service of his personal vision of sound."

January 04, 2018

I heard one of the best systems of my life last night

"It happened at Bob Visintainer's store in NYC. The system featured a TechDAS Air Force III turntable with a Graham Phantom III tonearm, Lyra Etna SL cartridge, Zesto Tessara phono stage, Zesto Leto Preamp, Zesto Eros 300 mono amps, and Alta-Audio Titanium Hestia speakers."

December 16, 2017

Alta Audio, Audio by Van Alstine, VPI, PS Audio, with Napua Davoy singing, RMAF 2017

"Imagine sound like you’ve never heard it before with a full range of clarity beyond any other speaker system. With every speaker Alta Audio takes advantage of its innovative new technology to accomplish what no one else can do."

November 02, 2017

Alta Audio, Gold Show Winner, Michael Levy and Peter B, great listening session! Capital Audiofest 2

"Imagine sound like you’ve never heard it before with a full range of clarity beyond any other speaker system. With every speaker Alta Audio takes advantage of its innovative new technology to accomplish what no one else can do."

July 30, 2016

Alta Audio Titanium Hestia Loudspeaker

"I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of extensively listening to—in my own apartment—a variety of different models of Alta Audio loudspeakers"

February 09, 2016

Alta-Audio's FRM-2 speaks with a remarkably defined voice.

"The Alta-Audio FRM-2 speakers speak with a remarkably defined voice."

April 01, 2015