The new Alta Aphrodite at Axpona


We chose the name of the Greek goddess of love for our new State of The Art speaker system: The Alta Audio Aphrodite.

What makes Aphrodite so good? The reasons go well beyond extraordinary engineering. They come from our love of music and our desire to reproduce it to levels that will transport the listeners to performances they attended, or wish they could have attended.

An Audiophile Perspective

Everything in Aphrodite is engineered to create a new State of The Art in the design of loudspeakers.

  1. The drivers: All our drivers use Titanium Formers, Hybrid Neodymium/Ferrite magnet structures, Magnesium baskets, and free airflow structures for maximally linear response.
  2. All midrange drivers use low distortion high speed Carbon fiber/Rohacell/Carbon fiber composite sandwich cones.
  3. The Ribbon tweeter has an incredibly powerful magnet structure, uses an amorphous core transformer, and is amazingly fast and accurate with excellent dispersion.
  4. The crossover: The highest quality parts have been chosen based on listening tests. Deoxygenated single crystal wire Litz inductors, silver foil capacitors, and multi-gauge silver coated deoxygenated copper Teflon insulated cryogenically treated cables are used. The crossovers are hand wired and do not use a circuit board. The components are positioned to minimize magnetic interactions.
  5. Four-way design with mid-bass coupler driver: Aphrodite includes a high speed 8 ¾ inch mid-bass coupler driver for smooth coherent imaging through the midrange into the bass.
  6. Dipole/D'Appolito (Dipolito) Driver layout. With the crossover designed to maximize the effect, the midrange drivers are arranged MTM. A midrange on top and below the ribbon tweeter, creating a synchronized pulse.
  7. Dipole midranges: The midranges and the mid-bass coupler are dipoles for linear response and to clearly display the size of the performance venue.
  8. DampHard construction: All exterior panels use our DampHard construction which eliminates resonances while remaining lossless to maximize dynamic range.
  9. XTL Bass: Our bass diver is fully tuned in our patented Hybrid Transmission line/ported enclosure design which greatly increases power handling, lowers distortion, and opens fundamental bass frequencies.

All these engineering statements are made in pursuit of just one thing, the sound and feel of live music. So, the final component in our designs is always listening. We listen intensely to a wide range of music to verify that we have achieved our goal.

We believe you will concur: Aphrodite transports you to the performance.

*Extended Transmission Line — Alta Audio's proprietary technology that applies sonic geometry to tune speaker cabinets as if they are musical instruments, delivering an accurate, fast, and powerful low frequency response.

Technical Specifications


90 dB / 2.83 Volts @ 1Meter


4 Ohms


54 inches


15 inches at the bottom narrowing to 81/2 inches on top

Frequency Response

22Hz to 47kHz +/- 3dB


Minimum 50 to 400 Watts, Can be Bi-wired, or Bi-amped


18 inches at bottom