The Celesta FRM-2M is the latest version of Alta Audio’s acclaimed Celesta Full-Range Monitor. Already considered a jewel of audiophile loudspeaker engineering with an advanced-technology design, the latest version features an array of enhancements. These range from its ultra-hard, ultra-high gloss polyester finished cabinet with both modern and retro design elements to its upgraded cabling, new conductors and capacitors, a new magnetic grille, and next-level DampHard material—that helps to create an acoustically dead, resonance-free speaker.

Designed to provide audiophile-grade, room-filling sound in smaller spaces where full-size speakers may be overwhelming, the Celesta FRM-2M outperforms other speakers at its price.

An Audiophile Perspective

From the first prototype through myriad design steps leading up to the final version two years later, our goal for the Celesta FRM-2M was to recreate the sound of live music. To this end, we made countless comparisons to the live experience, ensuring beta level reproduction. One thing was kept in mind: the sound of live music. Live to recorded comparisons were used throughout the process of design for fine tuning the sound of the

Alta Celesta FRM-2M. That is our reference, and what these speakers were designed to recreate.

The Celesta FRM-2M uses the highest grade silver foil capacitors and extra-large Litz wire inductors with ten gauge deoxygenated copper wire in a special configuration—gently blending the drivers with such accuracy that vocal and instrumental details are presented with remarkable clarity, and the natural timbre of the music is preserved. The elimination of diffraction distortion combined with the accuracy of the crossover creates a huge listening window; the speakers disappear and are replaced with a clear, three-dimensional image of the instruments and vocals along with the space in which the music was performed. While its aesthetic beauty is obvious, its engineering is the culmination of 35 years of loudspeaker design expertise.

Epitomizing audiophile loudspeaker engineering and design, the Celesta FRM-2M is securely housed in an ultra-hard, ultra-high gloss polyester finished cabinet featuring both modern and retro design elements. Inside and out, the Celesta FRM-2M is the ultimate expression of how Alta Audio’s technical know-how is applied to create a speaker that produces a brilliant listening experience.

*Extended Transmission Line — Alta Audio's proprietary technology that applies sonic geometry to tune speaker cabinets as if they are musical instruments, delivering an accurate, fast, and powerful low frequency response.

Technical Specifications


87.5db / 2.83 Volts @ 1 Meter


4 Ohms


17 inches including spikes (16.5 inches without spikes)


10.75 inches (widest point)

Frequency Response

29Hz to 47kHz


50 to 200 Watts


15.5 inches (widest point)